Everybody likes a refreshingly cool house, especially in the summertime humidity and heat. Although many people still use window units, there are places that window air conditioner units are not suitable in your home. If you need your home to have more cool air, a split air conditioning installation could be the best answer for your problem.

A split system air conditioner is a system of wall-mounted indoor units that are connected to a refrigerated external air conditioning unit that heat and cools. This means that the split system air conditioner is perfect in maintaining the temperature in your home all year round.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners ( split system installation)

  • Each unit facilitates individual temperature controls in every different room.
  • Their energy efficiency is high compared to the window or portable conditioners.
  • The system has air purifying air flows meaning that the units can be cleaned easily, and their maintenance is low.
  • The system performs quietly since the fan and compressor are located outside in the external refrigerated unit.
  • The system has attractive units with tiny wall footprints that are appealing and remotes that have features like timers and sleep modes.
  • When using the split system and you have two or more indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, you can choose to have a multi-split system. This would make it simple to maintain a large room’s temperature throughout or cool multiple rooms.

Using professionals for split system installation is suitable for you in the long run since you will not have problems with how your system functions. We are the best in supplying and installing split system air conditioning installation Ferntree Gully. Whether you need the system installed at home, or in your office, we are the experts! We have a great range of split system conditioning units that will suit your budget and needs. Contact us today!


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