If you don’t have safety switches, want to install solar panels or your fuses are blowing then you need a switchboard upgrade. Stay safe with switchboard upgrades from Bell Air Electrical and Air Conditioning Services. We are here to lend you a hand in switch board installation with our many years’ experience along with our highly skilled electricians. Old buildings usually have old wiring systems and obsolete switchboards which function poorly when supplying power to modern electrical gadgets. Furthermore, old switchboards are hardly equipped with electrical safety switches. It is therefore important that you get a better and reliable switchboard upgrade for your building so you can live safe and sound.

Importance of Switchboard Upgrade

Outdated switchboards are prone to short-circuits. Their fuses tend to catch and spread fire easily. Furthermore, they tend to produce electrical shocks with the old boards. You don’t want to live inside a building with such dangerous switchboards. Today’s switchboards are free from electrical shocks and are fire-proof. They have electrical safety switch that shuts done the main power supply as soon as sensing any slight hint of power leakage from broken wire or switch.

Old ceramic fuse boards are not designed to deal with today electrical appliances nor do they provide any safeguards to incase something goes wrong. But with a switch board upgrade ferntree gully area, ensures each circuit is protected by a safety switch which shuts down power immediately protecting you and your family or staff from electric shock. Also, old switch boards are easily overloaded. Therefore, when buying new electric gadgets, or installing a spa or solar, you need an upgrade.

If you experience frequent power trippings, it is a sign that switchboard upgrade is needed. Old boards are designed to function with limited appliances. So, don’t let new electric appliances you have bought be served with an old board. Seek our services to help you in your new switch board installation.

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